Stitch Guides Available

Stitch Guides

an * asterisk next to a canvas number means that I have actually stitched (and possibly taught) that piece.  All other designs listed are ones for which I created a guide at a customer's request (or for an Embellishment Class), without actually stitching the piece.

A Collection of Designs
1198A elf
CT-1199A Jolly
1201  Joy
2857 snowman with packages

Alice Peterson
2654 Peacock stocking, 13 mesh

Colors of Praise
AN158 Monkey on Camel

Curtis Boehringer
*CB-118 Partridge in a Pear Tree Santa
*CB Girls Rule

CH-74 Blue House Ornament

Haunted Hooter  ED-17104

The Drawn Thread
 A Marriage of Minds

Ewe Eye & Friends
*Mighty Big Pumpkins  EWE-361
EWE-260 Karen Cruden Farms

Holly Hill Designs
015 Serenity sampler

JP Designs
DDB008 Cockadoodledoo, 13 mesh
DDB009 Cockadoodledoo, 13 mesh

Kathy Schenkel
SA115 Welcome to our Haunt

Kirk & Bradley
*KB1160 Fruit Tree House
*KB1159 Tudor House
*KB1158 Thatched Roof House
*KB1155 bauble
*KB1154 bauble
*KB454 bauble

Labors of Love
LL421L bell
LL310E Koi
LL422-A Joseph and Donkey
LL422-B Mary and Lamb
LL422-C Baby
LL426 Flo Floats

*M1600 Deer with Red Scarf
*M1601 Deer with Holiday Berries
M1489 Hootie by Jennifer Brinley/Ruth Levison
M1698 Cactus with Hummingbird

Marcy (distributed by Julia's Needlework)
MC2247 Peony Floral
MC2119 Noah's Ark

Mary Engelbreit (distributed by Painted Pony Designs)
*MEFL01 Flower Pot
*MEWT01 little witch
*ME EA01 chick

Melissa Prince Designs
A-187 Hand of God
*B321 Belted Kingfisher
*B322 Goldfinch
*B323 Blue Jay
*B324 Chickadee
*B325 Painted Bunting
*B326 Cardinal
*B327 Wood pecker
*B328 Mockingbird
*B354 Tufted Flycatcher
*B355 Zenaida Dove
*B356 Eurasian Bullfinch
*B357 Flame Colored Tanager
*B358 Blue Bunting
*B359 Blue Rock Thrush
*B360 Hoopoe
*B361 Chaffinch
*A176 Plantation
*A177 Craftsman
*A178 Victorian
*A179 Tudor
*A180 Brownstone
*A181 Houseboat
*A182 Mountain Cabin
*B339 White Bunny
*B341 Sunflower Bunny
*B342 Vegetable Bunny
*B344 Bunny in Greens

Melissa Shirley Designs
932 White Angel Star
1479-I Wildwood Santa Banner, 13 mesh
*1507  Classic Santa, 2 sided, 18 mesh
1604-A love heart, 18 mesh
*1668 Stitching Witches
*1728 Pink Santa, front side only
1773 Wildwood Santa stocking, 13 mesh
*1784B Yellow Bird House, 13 mesh
1789 Fish House, 13 mesh
*1801 Winter White Santa, 2 sided, 18 mesh
*1832-A Tree ornament
*1832-B Heart ornament
* 1832-D Holly ornament
*1832-E snowman ornament
*1832-F Wreath ornament
*1832-H snowflake ornament
*1841 Citrons
*1880 Pumpkin Parade
1887 BOO, 18 mesh
*1898 Red bird Santa, 2 sided, 18 mesh
*1916 White House Cove
J219 Big Heart, 13 mesh
*MLT201 Bee Bunny
*MLT170 Gardening Bunny
*MLT333 Woodsy Santa
MLT-383 Pumpkins
VS101 Prickly Pear Owl
VS133A Luella
*VS134 Cardinal Dome
VS150 Alpaca with a Pearl Earring
*VS152 Snowy Nadia
VS180, 13 mesh Who Ate the Party Favors
VS203 Summer Party, 18 mesh

Meredith Collection
CH-A079 Squirrel by Charley Harper

Mile High Princess
MHP 2550 BOO

Nathalie Storey
Peony, 18 mesh

Quail Run Designs
March Balloons
Nothing But Blue Skies
*Summer Lemonade

Painted Pony
PT024-WH Merry Texmas
DP-FL02 Fruit and Flowers Bowl by Diane Ulmer Pedersen
DP-CS01 Early Morning Townhouses by Diane Ulmer Pedersen
LAST01 Sugar and Spice Santa by Lynne Andrews

Pepperberry Designs
CCH05 Candy Cane Heart
SAN-01 No Peeking

Peter Ashe
Sante Fe Golden Autumn

The Point of it all Designs

Purple Palm Designs
*869 Needlemania

Raymond Crawford
HO283 Winter Love Birds
HO842 Snowman, 18 mesh
HO1123 snow couple, 18 mesh
*HO1192 Coca Cola Santa, 18 mesh
HO1241 Holy Family
*HO1259 Santa's Sleigh
HO1308 Peter Cottontail

Renaissance Designs
TT127 Frankenstein

Rebecca Wood Designs
445-B Not a Creature Was Stirring
*028A Patriotic House
504A Holy Family ornament
*D40-A Texas Barn

Sandra Gilmore (distributed by Fleur de Paris)
*Bun Bun
Hello Snowman
Hickory Scarecrow
*You've Got a Friend

Share One's Ideas
H-116 It's all about the Shoes

Strictly Christmas
COCS-13 Mardi Gras Santa, 13 mesh
CSC93 Santa with Wreath
CS276 Santa with List stocking
SS-23 santa
*CHP24- 3 ornaments with bow and holly
CHP-06, 13 mesh, 5 santas
CS-222, 13 mesh stocking, santa with train

Susan Roberts Designs
5415 flamingo mini sock
TTASP291 Red Rooster
TTASP290 Speckled Rooster
LGDAXS472 Nativity Stocking (Tapestry Tent - Liz)

Trubey Designs (distributed by Fleur de Paris)
PT002 Banana Palm
PT004 Travellers Palm

408 - 4 eggs
294 - Wise Old Owl