Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Reason

During this important time of year, I like to work on a Christmas-themed needlepoint piece.  The triptych from Strictly Christmas has been my project of late.  And it is done!  The center panel shows the holy family.

The left-hand panel has the shepherds and sheep:

and the right hand panel has the kings:

I love the way the designer incorporated the stained glass window theme, and the three panels will fit beautifully into the gold wooden frame from Deux Bijou Bijou.

I look forward to teaching workshops  for these panels at Chandail Needlework in Houston, TX and Creative Stitches and gifts in Dallas, TX, and other points beyond.  My teaching schedule and list of available stitch guides has been updated.

I wish each of you a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Touching Earth

Touching Earth, #CH223 from Melissa Shirley Designs, after a painting by Linda Carter Holman, is one of my favorite pieces I have ever stitched.  Who is she?  Mother Earth? And the possibilities for symbolism are endless: the sheep, the fish, the storm, the harvest, the pot.  The pot is stitched in Or Nue, a method that involves laying metallic thread on either side of a canvas thread, then couching over it with silk, all over one canvas thread. The pot shimmers.  Thanks to Melissa Shirley and Linda Carter Holman for such an enchanting design.

As always, my teaching schedule and list of available stitch guides have been updated.


Saturday, May 13, 2017


It seems like we sometimes choose needlepoint designs based on personal experience.  I love this "Catch Me if You Can" design from Pippin Designs because it reminds me of going fishing in east Texas with my father.  Although these fish don't resemble the bream, crappie and large-mouth bass that we caught, they sure are going to be fun to stitch.  I'm picturing stitches that are wavy, scalloped, and slanting for the fish and a woven basket-y look for the large blue border.  Stay tuned... these fish have caught me!
As always, my teaching schedule and list of available stitch guides have been updated.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Apples and Almonds

Apples from Melissa Shirley Designs #1920, 13 mesh, 17" x 9"

after an original painting entitled Plate with Apples and Almonds 
by Giovanna Garzoni, Italian (1600-1670)

Giovanna Garzoni was an Italian painter who was prominent in Europe during the Baroque period. She became famous for her works of botanical subjects in tempera and watercolor, and her still lifes were very popular with the Italian courts and the Medici family. 

Melissa Shirley has beautifully interpreted several of Garzoni's paintings on canvas.  The Citrons was one of my teaching pieces last year.  I am honored to teach the Apples at Needlepoint This!  in Dallas, Texas on March 25-26, 2017.  Please call 214.363.6377 for details about the class or a kit.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Market Report

This last weekend I went to the TNNA Winter Needlepoint Market in San Jose, CA.  It is so exciting to spend time with the designers, the shop owners and the other teachers.  This is a shot of my table:

here are a few of my finds:
this great stylized reindeer from Melissa Prince Designs. My photo is crooked, but I will be stitching him soon and hope to teach him!

I'm Yours from Sandra Gilmore, distributed by Fleur de Paris.  Wouldn't this be a sweet Valentine's pillow with initials in the center of the heart?

In progress, the Williamsburg Wreath from Melissa Prince Designs.  This has already been requested to be taught at several shops.  I plan to have it finished with a gusset and hang it on the inside of my front door.  

It was so great to see Debbie Ladd of Fleur de Paris, the sweet redhead who is pictured in the "You've Got a Friend" design by Sandra Gilmore, distributed by Fleur de Paris.  I was honored to stitch the piece for Fleur and the stitch guide is available through them or me.

Melissa Shirley never disappoints, and this jewel-like winter scene spoke to me.  This will be a great teaching piece, and not too large.

If you know me, you know I have a weakness for a beautiful reindeer.  This jaunty guy from Maggie Company came right home with me and he would make a nice class.  Designed by Jennifer Brinley, the deer's antlers are decked out with poinsettias!

 Strictly Christmas etc. has outdone itself with this nativity triptych.  I am stitching it, writing the guide and  possibly teaching this great piece.  The frame is from Deux Bijoux Bijoux and compliments it beautifully.

My Teaching Schedule and list of available stitch guides are being updated as I hear from more shops, so check it for updates.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Class

This Garden Bunny designed by Mary Lake Thompson is so much fun to stitch.  And he makes a good companion to the Bee Bunny and the Gardening Bunny with tulips I taught earlier.  Join us at Creative Stitches and gifts, Dallas, TX  on February 3-4, 2017 for the class.  Call 214.361.2610 for details.